My Place

Today I visited… my place! My place is open to anyone who wants to visit, except for my house, which is well signposted as being private…

… I have two gorgeous little Pandume goats… well, that’s what I call them, anyway. My lovely friend, Pandume, gave them to me, shortly before, like everyone else I have ever gotten close to in SL, she vanished without trace, and I’ve never heard from her since…

… there’s lots of interesting sculptures and stuff to see…

… and, of course, my gallery. I own a quarter sim in Jormundgandr, half on either side of the Circuit La Corse…

… the grounds are quite spacious, but have many statues and sculptures in them…

… next to my house is my gorgeous Pegasus stargate. You can access this gate from any other stargate, by dialing ‘Serigate’.

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