Sweet Art

I hit the shopping events, today, as there were several new ones. At one of them, I bought two sets of very nice poses, made by a creator I have not encountered, before, called ‘Sweet Art Poses’. As soon as I got home and unpacked them, and all my other goodies, I used the TP in one of the folders to go and check out their store. At the store, I bought some more, very good poses, but what really delighted me was how much work had been put into the environs of the store…

… there was a wonderful little fantasy world, there. There were a couple of trains, frozen, it seemed to me, anyway, as they rushed through the station…

… and beautiful orbs, seemingly fallen from the gorgeous sky…

… which was filled with stars, and the occasional shooting star…

… there were cherry blossom trees, and the air was filled with drifting petals…

… it was all very pretty, and whimsical. I love finding stores like this one…

… where the creator has obviously put a lot of work into making, not just their product, but the environment of their store, into something unique and memorable. To me, it shows they are not only in SL to make money from their product, but to contribute to making SL a place of art and beauty, because, really, they don’t need to put this much work into their store… most creators don’t. It makes the whole experience so much richer.

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