Back to Skrunda-3

I went back to Skrunda-3, this evening. I went to see my friend, Witchy, who was there taking pictures. Unfortunately, it was 1 AM on a work night, for Witchy’s human, and we only got to hang out for a short time, before she had to log. I hadn’t intended to take more pictures but, hey, it’s what I do…

… I decided I’d been a bit harsh, in the recent Skrunda-3 post I did, when I described the EEP setting here as ‘anaemic’, it’s probably better described as ‘quite subtle’. Anyway, I decided to shoot with the sim wind light, this time…

… in keeping with the size of the sim, I found plenty of scenes and places I’d missed, the other day…

… I even managed to find the abandoned gallery, this time…

… it wasn’t till I was reviewing all my images for this post…

… that I noticed that not only is the wind light here subtle, it slowly changes, too, so slowly, I hadn’t even been aware.

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