Car Picture Fun

Today, when I had nothing to do, and nowhere to go, Veyot asked me if I wanted to submit a ‘car picture’ to an upcoming exhibition she was curating for Xaraz Gallery. I scrounged through my inventory, trying to find something suitable… I actually got second place in an ‘autoerotica’ photo competition, several years ago, but, when I pulled that image up, it was just too embarrassing… not because there was nudity in it, because there was none (mine was the only entrant that didn’t contain nudity/near-nudity, or blatant sex, which was why I was very surprised to even get second place)… no, it was embarrassing because it was me, pre-mesh!… so, I thought ‘fuck it, I’ll just shoot something, now’…

… I was feeling pretty playful, so just went with that feeling…

… going for something I don’t normally aim for…

… just silly and dramatic…

… I had a great time!…

… synchronistically, I had just rediscovered this wonderful photo-sim at Ison, so knew exactly where to find a sweet auto to play around (:

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