Very Recent Work

As I’ve said, I am totally addicted to Mj (Midjourney), even if it does really irritate me with it’s idiot censorship of my work, and am, literally, producing at least dozens of images a day, often hundreds, so I’m actually far ahead, in evolution of work, of what I’m posting. In my last post I intimated I’d show you how organic-looking the Machine Dolls got, but before that, I want to show you what I’ve done in the last few days. I love the one above, you can see she comes from the Machine Doll lineage, but she’s actually human, not a synthetic creation. This one and the next three, I actually did a bit of work on in Photoshop to get rid of the junk Mj always puts on their faces, I then took them back to Mj, with their lovely, clear faces, and asked it to evolve them… Mj created results that had their faces covered in junk! Grrr! Anyway…

… so this one is only stylistically related to the previous one, but is a totally new direction, one that I really like, it has a kind of fresh simplicity, compared to all the elaborate/ornate Machine Dolls…

… this is the simplest one, but I still really like her. I didn’t spend a lot of time cleaning her up, and could do a whole lot more work on her, but I kinda like the rough, sketchy look…

… I really like these new images, their rawness and simplicity. Getting Mj to evolve them like this will be quite annoying, as it continues to put rubbish on their faces. I wish it didn’t do that, it’s such a random, ugly thing… it produces these gorgeous images and totally ruins them by almost always putting crap on their faces… if you are lucky you can get it putting the crap on symmetrically, so it looks like jewellery, but, really, I’d rather it didn’t do it. The thing is, I’ve also managed to get very long runs where it didn’t do it, so, as I say, totally random.

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