Seri Dreaming II


In her dream, Seri is drawn to a strange object… an object she knows doesn’t belong on the planet Nightmare, her mother. She knows this isn’t right, Nightmare, her mother, is one of the most powerful beings in the universe, even if she IS psychotic… how could an alien object possibly exist on Nightmare? Seri knows she is dreaming, yet she knows she isn’t… this is REAL…

Seri Dreaming


Seraphim dreams of her mother, a sentient planet, the only one in the universe. Seri has no memory of her mother, or of the thousand years she spent there, as a child, but she knows that she is dreaming of her mother, knows it in her powerful, alien hearts. Yep, she has two.

Field Contamination


Today, Seraphim hung the last work of her current ‘New Vision’ series…


… it’s called ‘Field Contamination’. Seraphim is very pleased with the iterations she produced in this series…


… she loves being able to see them so big it’s like being ‘in’ them…


… she’s looking forward to seeing what her next series looks like.

New Work


Seraphim has hung some of her recent work in New Placebo Gallery…


… these works are a divergence from the Gynoid photography she has pursued for over a year now…


… but, anyone who knows Seraphim’s work knows this current work is more like what she has produced for the last 9 years or so…


… she is very happy to actually be painting, again… the photography thing was intense, and she was seriously into the subject matter, but her tastes/interests are not concrete things…


… Seraphim is a ‘creative’, and the very nature of creativity is change/growth.

300 Year Stare


Seraphim has finished her second Alita painting. It took a bit longer than she thought it would… there was a lot of colour blending involved. As always, she could keep polishing it, but decided it was time to stop, while it still looked like a painting.