300 Year Stare WIP


Seraphim has started her second Alita painting. This one is called ‘300 Year Stare‘. This is sweet little Alita channelling her 300-year-old Berserker-class skills and training, near the end of the film, seriously-dangerously housed in the 300-year-old Berserker-class body she found in the downed Martian space craft, a body she was clearly designed to inhabit… this is when she deals some serious damage to all the assholes who have been trying to kill her and those close to her… the assholes do not walk away, this time.

The Rookie; “How you doin’?”


Sweet, friendly, happy teenage android Alita rolls up to the starting line for the trials, turns to the guy beside her and asks ‘How you doin’?” She’s such a sweet kid. A few seconds later, she gets a heads-up from her ‘father’, telling her it’s a setup, all the people gathered around her are bad people… neither of them know that every single one of these people are there expressly for the purpose of murdering Alita… when she gets this warning, teenage Alita becomes 300-year-old Alita, the killing machine, and all those killers become doomed.

The Rookie WIP


It’s been too long since Seraphim did a painting. She needs to feel passionate about what she paints, and can’t really just make herself paint unless she really loves her subject. She recently watched ‘Alita: Battle Angel’, and loved it to bits, as she knew she would. She now has several paintings planned, but has started with this one. The full title will be The Rookie: “How you doin?”… Seraphim loved the scene where Alita, the rookie, rolls up to the start-line for the trials, and is her usual happy, cute self, being friendly to the hardened killers all around her, not realising they are all there for only one reason… to kill her! Of course, as soon as she is warned about this, we see her face change from happy teenaged android, to totally confident, 300-year-old killing machine!

This may look pretty amateur at this stage, it’s only an hours work… give it a few more hours, Seraphim knows, from experience, it will look fabulous.

Windup Girl


Seraphim thinks she has probably finished her Windup Girl painting… this means that she has got to the stage where she is making alterations that even she barely notices. She may see something, later, she wants to change, but, for now, she’ll call it done.

Windup Girl WIP


This is what Seraphim has been working on in her spare time, over the last few weeks… it’s about 2/3rds done. She is not literally a clockwork girl, she’s an android. The title is a homage to Paolo Bacigalupi’s excellent book, one Seraphim’s human has read several times, and highly recommends.

For Kyan1te


Seraphim has finished the portrait she promised Kyan1te… because Seraphim keeps her promises. She is very pleased with it, after her four month hiatus from daily painting, which she broke just recently with her ‘doll‘ painting, she already feels she has hit her stride again.