The Meeting


The big day finally arrived for Seraphim’s photoshoot with vi0let. Seraphim was a bit nervous, and wished she could be holding Tee’s hand, but Tee was at home, off-line…


… vi0let was even more impressive standing and on-line, her magnificent horns even more imposing, somehow. At first, vi0let refused to even acknowledge Seri…


… but Seraphim’s attraction to gynoids generally works both ways, and her gentle manner eventually got vi0let to, first, cooly acknowledge her presence, then…


… to turn and face Seri. Seri kept calmly talking, about the view, about how she had seen vi0let sitting here a while ago, and had found her an irresistible photographic study, about the fact vi0let was currently only on-line because the Eisa hierarchy had agreed to allow Seraphim access to vi0let. This last bit was pretty much an instruction vi0let could not ignore, though, by now, she had a grudging respect for this strange creature on her roof, some kind of non-human she had never seen before, who seemed to think she, vi0let, was ok.

2 thoughts on “The Meeting

  1. I really love reading your posts, you’ve got that writers touch, always telling the story with the pretty photos


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