New Glasses

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping! Seri decided she needed some new glasses… she adores her T. Syntax glasses, which cost L$300, but felt like a change, so perused what was available on Marketplace, choosing 4 contenders ranging from, L$99 to L$295. All four were fabulous products!…


… the cheapest, at L$99, were these very elegant KB Aviators, which fit like a glove, straight out of the box…


… the most expensive, at L$295, were these gorgeous Sense Appeal Dragonfly glasses, which look wonderful, and have a re-sizer to get a good fit… very dramatic statement…


… as are these super-cute Vintage French Farah glasses, which also fit perfectly, straight out of the box, and cost L$149. All three are beautiful products, and Seri will totally be adding them to her wardrobe… but the hands-down winner, for her, are these…


… SteelHead Lux glasses. At L$195, Seraphim thinks these are the bees knees! They come with a HUD that gives a stunning array of lens and frame colours/patterns…


… and are just a super-elegant, sleek, stylish pair of glasses. Seri has some new faves (:

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