Ugly Neighbour

The area on Mainland, where Seraphim has her home and her current gallery, has seen a sudden explosion of building and parcel-buying in the last few weeks… going from comfortably empty to suddenly crowded… the plot of land right beside the gallery has changed hands twice in the last few weeks, first having a cute little shop on it, now, as of yesterday, having thoughtless morons owning it…


… who have put up banlines (cannot be photographed) right against the side of Seri’s beautiful, light-filled gallery… causing her to have to replace the side windows and lovely, glass roof, with solid wall and roof, because, no one enjoys art that is framed/backed by hideous, bright yellow banlines…


… the whole time she was changing her gallery to suit her new, moron neighbours, she was fuming and raging to herself (and to AVA, via IM)… why does anyone do something that thoughtless and inconsiderate?… why does anyone put banlines around an empty plot of land?… do they think someone will walk on the basic ‘ground’ texture? Couldn’t they see, figure out for themselves, how intrusive their ugly, juvenile proclamations of ownership would be to the established neighbour? Seri concluded that, no, they couldn’t, because they were morons. So, as the banlines prevent Seri even being able to identify them, in order to open a dialog, she made an elegant little sign, to welcome them to the neighbourhood, but they probably can’t read, either.


Evie pointed out to Seraphim that she could just pan in and click on the land, to get the land details… something she had stupidly not considered… which she did, and now she knows who owns the land… Evie also reminded Seri she could unselect banlines in her preferences, so she couldn’t see them, another thing she hadn’t thought of… Evie and Tee are not just Seraphim’s gynoid pets, they are cybernetic extensions of her brain.

3 thoughts on “Ugly Neighbour

    1. Awww, Meri… I’ve only just seen this comment! Sorry for ignoring you! Yes, the sign worked splendidly, and I actually became friends with that person, who hadn’t even realised she had set the ban lines. She built a really lovely park next to my gallery, she was one of the nicest neighbours I’ve had… until one day she just vanished and I’ve never heard from her again. Funny old SL friendships.


      1. I hate it when people just disappear from SL. You can’t help but wonder what caused them to just stop coming. I like to imagine they won the lottery and never gave SL a thought again. Xx

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