Another Return

Almost exactly a year ago, Seraphim visited Tralala’s Diner, in Pine lake. She took her little Evie with her, that time. This time, she wanted to take her little Zoey Zoe Zoe, but Zoey was too sleepy, so she went on her own…


… this build is one of the most astonishing collections (probably the most astonishing) of stuff Seraphim has seen in SL…


… every decayed, broken, grungey vehicle Seraphim has ever seen in SL, is here…


… every cool piece of machinery, old equipment, junked thing, is here…


… every decayed old building, every cool gacha prize, every tiny little thing, is here…


… every conceivable piece of neon is here. The lag, especially at the neon heart of the place, is horrendous… it becomes almost impossible to do anything… a simple act like panning around can turn into an endless cascade of delays and corrections and over-corrections, and freezes and sudden runnings-on-the-spot… taking pictures becomes a nightmare of guessing, as the picture you actually snap, because of the appalling delay, is never the picture you get… each time you move, it takes up to 10 minutes for even half the scene to rez properly, in the worst places…


… it’s a relief to get away from the worst places, that make you want to kill yourself, to the less-worse places, which simply suck badly…


… and, along the way, before you finally give up in despair…


… you get some pretty nice images.


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