Pictures of Kowloon

Seraphim has long enjoyed the cluttered, grungy, neon spectacle that is Kowloon…


… but recent posts by her friends, Veyot, and Pearl Grey, have re-kindled her interest in the place, and she has, of course, been keeping a visual record…


… Kowloon is the epitome of squalid, grunge-encrusted decay, mixed with the dazzling splendour of neon, and the fascinating appeal of Asian calligraphy/signage …


… it is a place of claustrophobic spaces, gloom and shadow…


… a photographers paradise…


… as the gloom is punctuated by beautiful neon signs, and bright lights…





2 thoughts on “Pictures of Kowloon

    1. Thanks, Pearl… as I said, these are the distillation of a couple of hours of pictures… 94, to be exact, so there are lots more, and, arguably, many as good as these, but i won’t allow myself to post any more than 8 at a time, so it becomes an exercise in restraint (:

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