SL15B Builds

Amongst all the hysterical, candy-coloured, crystal encrusted, boring sameness of the SL15B installations, Seraphim has found a few genuinely creative, unique builds…


… in order to find these gems, Seraphim has clawed her way through hours of lag, so bad it basically made her want to kill herself, and, on the ground, caused her to constantly fall into extremely irritating canals, and in the air, caused her to constantly crash into walls…


… it was always a relief from the hysterical cacophony of Disney-cartoon-esqe colours, bland builds and appalling profusion of crystals, to find thoughtful displays, with few crystals and no rainbow explosions of colour…


… and with displays that consisted of more than some pictures on a board, and actually drew her in and engaged her interest…


… she found this one, to be particularly evocative…


… and futuristically monumental…



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