Two Places

Seraphim has just visited two totally different, picturesque places…


… the first was ‘The Last Forever’, one of those Wyeth-painting-like sims, with vast, empty horizons and dust-dry, burnt-brown colouring…


… where everything is dead, or dying, derelict, and decaying, the water is shallow, stagnant, and dirty…


… the sky is tainted by the dead land, dust-laden and empty…


… only the toughest, most ancient plants thrive. The dry wind blew through her thoughts as the lone, alien traveller, wandered this landscape…


… the second place she visited, was ‘Sol Existence’, a place of lush, moist growth, where the predominant colours were greens, mixed with explosions of floral colours, the skies blue, and filled with sea-birds, the breeze fresh, and salt-laden…


… the dwellings, though ancient, were very much alive and in use, beautifully cared for and obviously loved…


… an alien wanderer could feel the strength of green things thriving, smell the pines and hear the sea-birds…


… and soak up the power, and depth, of the eternal ocean.

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