T’ai Chi Ch’uan


Seraphim finds the courtyard at Veyot’s ‘Another Town’ to be conducive to some meditative callisthenics…


… whilst her mind was a calm pool, her thoughts, ripples, spreading slowly outward and dissolving, she was aware of how Veyot’s little project here seemed to be thriving, how it had developed since her last visit…


… though T’ai Chi is a form of meditative callisthenics, it is also a slowed down practice for fighting technique…


… something Seri is no stranger to, having spent thousands of years of her long life constantly fighting forces that felt threatened by an immortal, alien female…


… till she decided to just fade from the battle, realising that she, alone, would never defeat those forces, unless she slaughtered millions of males with megalomaniacle, hegemonic obsessions, and, by then, she had formed a liking for all the other humans, the ones who weren’t assholes, the powerless ones, the creative ones…


… the ones who would have been horrified by a lone, slight alien girl destroying millions and millions of other humans, even if they were assholes…


… so Seri removed herself from all that, and opened a gallery in Jormungandr.



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