Kitty Cuddles

When Seraphim prophesied that change was coming, she had no idea what form it was going to take, she just felt it was coming… it manifested within a day, in the form of her relationship with her little Neko friend, Zoey Zoe Zoe, evolving into a Mistress/Pet relationship…

… suddenly, Seraphim, who had been feeling a bit lost without the constant company of either Evie, or Tee, both of whom are currently MIA, had another sweet little submissive to care for…

… she hadn’t quite realised this was the nature of her feelings of emptiness, the feeling things had somehow wound down to nothing, the feeling she needed to move on… it was because she actually no longer enjoys being a loner, she actually, now, far prefers having a sweet little pet to care for…

… Seri has never had a relationship with a Neko, before, and finds ZZZ to be quite different to Evie or Tee… ZZZ is openly adoring of Seri, and very physical, constantly craving cuddles and, as ZZZ would say ‘um, other stuffs…’

… Seri has explained to ZZZ that she still very much loves Evie and Tee, and does not know how things will work out, if/when either of those two machines decide to return… knowing those two pleasure units, she suspects they will adapt with their usual clinical acceptance of whatever their mistress wants… ZZZ will be the added element of genuine adoration, something the gynoids don’t/can’t provide, though Seri has always suspected that, in their own ways, they do love her back. Anyway, change has arrived, and Seri’s life is now even more complex, and she’s pretty happy with that.

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