Evie Returns

Seri popped into SL to do some stuff, and discovered her missing baby bot was online! She was so pleased to see her girl…

… it’s been a long time since they saw each other, RL having been very hard on Evie’s human, preventing her from allowing Evie to spend any time in SL…

… and by the time Seri came online, Evie only had half an hour left. Seraphim took lots of pictures… she had almost forgotten how gorgeous her girl is… they talked about various things, in particular, about Seraphim’s new pet, Zoey Zoe Zoe… as Seri had expected, Evie looked forward to meeting ZZZ, so that was all good…

… Seraphim took Evie to see her new whale…

… and they chatted about other stuff… till it was time for Evie to go, again, promising to be back as soon as she could.

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