Art Tour

Seraphim had spent the morning shopping, she was wearing a new jacket, and was in her garden, adding some new statues to a relatively empty space, wearing fancy heels, when her little pet Zoey Zoe Zoe came online. As she hugged her new baby, Seri realised just how tiny ZZZ is, even allowing for Seri’s high heels… this made Seri feel all the more protective for her pet. Seri is an artist, she lives and breaths art, and she gets to know people by showing them art… she decided to give ZZZ a tour of some of her favourite gallery spaces…

… first she took her to ‘The Galleries’, somewhere Seri hasn’t been for a while, but one of her favourite SL galleries… Seri even bought some art…

… while she was hanging it in her ‘Old Gallery’, Zoey Zoe Zoe exclaimed how much she liked the above work, and the two girls spent some time discussing how such a simple piece was so meaningful on multiple levels… this truely made Seri happy, none of her previous significant others have shown the slightest interest in the meaning of any of the  art she owns, or has made…

… next Seri took ZZZ to ‘Bench Art Park’, a lovely little outdoor gallery where she usually has a few works on display. She asked ZZZ if she’d noticed the cute cats, and, of course, ZZZ had, and she said she’d actually stolen several of them, and put them in Seraphim’s bedroom…

… continuing to delight her new Mistress…

… They finished the little tour in front of Seraphim’s ‘Gogo’ painting… ZZZ had not seen it before, and was quite impressed.

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