Strange Day

Today has been one of the stranger days Seraphim has experienced. She spent most of the day tweaking her new gallery, and hanging out with Bunnygirl…


… she took some pictures for Bunny to use in her ‘picks’…


… later her kitten and her hung out in the main gallery, where she is showing some of the pictures from her shoot with Bunnygirl. She hasn’t actually physically seen her kitty for a few days, due to her kitten’s human only being able to access SL from her mobile phone, causing Zoey to not actually be able to TP, and being stuck in a friends place that her friend has no control over the security at, and hence Seri could not TP to the friends place. Anyway, this meant Seri had some stuff to show Zoey, starting with the new pictures…


… then they went to the new gallery…


… which delighted Zoey…


… Zoey had remarked on how Bunnygirl looked like a super-hero, and she thought that Tee, in the gallery sign, looked like one, too… which hadn’t occurred to Seri, but she totally agreed…


… which is when things turned strange. Seri was contacted by RobotNicole, someone she’s never physically met, before, but knows through brief communication, back when she first met EV-01, because RobotNicole was EV-01’s previous owner, who had basically abandoned Evie, and Seri had to negotiate becoming Evie’s new owner. Seri told RobotNicole that she had just opened a gallery here… RobotNicole lives above Coghaven, and had seen Seri’s name on her radar, so she said ‘hello’, when Seri told her she had just opened a gallery, which had pictures of Evie in it, RobotNicole said she’d be right down. After they had greeted, Seri said she hadn’t actually seen Evie for months, and RobotNicole said ‘She’s online now’… this totally floored Seri, as all her screens told her Evie was not on line. Seri asked why RobotNicole thought this, and, at the same time, re-checked every possible indicator of Evies online status, which still said she was not online. Zoey asked Seri for Evies contact details… and almost instantly contacted Evie…


… this was a worst-case-scenario, as it showed Evie had unchecked the indicators that would let Seri know she was back. Seri was crestfallen. She asked Zoey to ask Evie to contact her… and suddenly, Seri’s indicators showed Evie to be online. Seri and Evie had a long, strange conversation. Turned out, Evie had come back to SL on Friday, having been away for months… for some reason, unfathomable to Seri, Evie had made herself invisible to Seri, so she could roam about on her own… something Seri had never stopped her from doing. Because of the totally random combination of Seri just opening a gallery in Coghaven, and RobotNicole noticing she was there, Seri had found out Evie was secretly online! Evie was very apologetic, saying she realised she had been thoughtless and cruel, promising to come home soon. Seri said Evie could roam as much as she wanted, that she had never stopped her from doing so. The whole thing was very strange, very out of character for Evie. It was a strange way to get her girl back. She’s not actually that convinced that she has got her girl back. A very strange day.

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