Creating the ‘Fallen Angel’ Shoot


Seraphim gave her studio a complete texture makeover, for the ‘Fallen Angel’ shoot. This was possible, because she built the whole place herself, using basic prims and full-perms mesh items, so she can change the textures to suit her needs, whenever she wants to. The winged pose chair isn’t full perms, but she can modify it’s textures, which is very useful…


… she picked up the doors and the columns from the full-perms fair a few days ago, they fitted her vision for the set, perfectly. All the textures she uses are her own work…


… she put some of her beautiful, glowing ‘shrooms’ in the space behind the walls, to create the ambient light that shines through, into the room… sometimes the limits of SL lighting effects can work advantageously…


… after a few days work, she had the ‘tomb’ space the way she wanted it. Once again, while the spiky vines are not full-perm, she can, and did, alter their texture to suit her needs…


… once she had Zoey’s ‘dream-landing’ space set up, she was ready to go…


… the star arrived, saying ‘I’s a witch’, which Seri could, in fact, see. After she’d told Zoey she was a very cute witch, Seri suggested Zoey wear something more ‘Through-the-looking-glass-ish’, which was one of the themes Seri had been working with, here. Zoey came up with the gorgeous outfit she wore for the shoot, and while it wasn’t what Seri had initially had in mind, it was much better… they were ready to go, and Seri rolled her camera…


… taking hundreds of images, until the final shot. Seri and Zoey adore each other, and had lots of fun creating ‘Fallen Angel’…


… this morning, Zoey was delighted when Seraphim showed her she now has an entire floor to herself, in the recently expanded ‘New Placebo Gallery’.


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