Strangers in a Stranger Land


Zoey was keen to be led somewhere… she would have preferred it was to their bed, but Seraphim had spent all day doing creative stuff, mostly around their home, and wanted to get out, so she took her girl…


… to Memento mori, somewhere Zoey had never been. The little Gynoid was impressed, though, still, more interested in her Mistress, than in her surroundings… Seraphim told her she was incorrigible, which totally delighted her girl. Next, Seraphim took them to Eisa…


… which is undergoing an almost total rebuild which, if you are familiar with Eisa, is pretty impressive… the place has been almost totally empty all month, Seraphim goes there regularly to chronicle the rebuild, up to the last few days, there have only been three buildings there, so far. Seraphim was delighted to see that Tee’s apartment block had been put back, though in a new place…


… she thinks it’s a different Bushnell Suites, as this one is empty, and she knows Tee is still ensconced in her one, high above Eisa…


… the Eisa elite have moved up into giant hard-drives, in the sky above Eisa, uploaded as only Gynoids could be, waiting while they direct the transformation. Below, on the hazy, empty plain, Seraphim and Zoey Zoe Zoe felt like strangers in an even stranger land.

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