Little Dancer


Seraphim was in Coghaven, this morning, putting up some images from her latest shoot with Luna, when she realised she could faintly hear what sounded like Japanese pop music, something she hadn’t heard in Coghaven, before. She followed the sound to a stage/ampitheatre, where she saw a little Rikugou…


… named Lyralia. Lyralia was dancing to the pop music…


… Seraphim was enchanted. She finds Rikugou’s incredibly attractive because of their cute, anime faces, fabulous bodies and gorgeous detail…


… but she’d never seen one dancing, before. She watched, delighted, until the little dancer finished, and TP’d away…


… Seri is smaller than a lot of avatars, and Rikugou’s tend to be even tinier than Seri, which just makes them more adorable to her…


… a tiny, dancing Rikugou is about as adorable as it gets…


… it’s hard to get good pictures of a dancer, due to the very nature of a photo being a split-second freeze-frame of continuing action; beautiful, sinuous motion does not look quite the same when taken out of context in a split-second freeze-frame…


… Seri took 450 such frames, which she reduced to these 8, that she feels manage to slightly convey the delightful encounter she had with a little dancing Rikugou, this morning.

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