Eisa Gallery Setup


Seraphim finally made her move to establish a gallery in Eisa Colony, 3 days ago. She rented an empty floor in the Bushnell Suites, the 5th floor, to be precise…


… then she spent around 8 hours, over the last 3 days, but, mostly today, setting the gallery space up. Her 3 previous rented gallery spaces have given her the experience, and a go-to set of ‘brand collateral’, to quickly set up a new gallery…


… she had a lot of fun doing this, as always, but, this was even more special, because this was a gallery in Eisa, the heart of the Gynoid world…


… as always, she placed several of her many dolls around the space. The gallery is on floor five, and she can look out the window at the NS Mainstore and, hopefully, when the re-decorating is finished in Eisa, much more, as well…


… as many of the people who come here will be Gynoid, she has provided a couple of wall-mounted charge points for the use of any depleted units who may come to view the art…


… the very first visitor, minutes after Seraphim had finished the final touches, and was sitting in one of the chairs, relaxing, was a 4 day old avatar named Wind, and his tech-pet, Zero…


… the second visitor was Luna, the star of Seri’s last photo-shoot. The two friends enjoyed the new space, together, Luna checking out the view…


… when Seraphim first negotiated renting the space for a gallery, she was given the impression she could put a sign outside the Bushnell Suites. Unfortunately, once she was established, this turned into her being only able to have a sign in the lobby… which, while better than nothing, is not ideal…


… Seraphim and Luna were talking about this, and Luna said she would happily wear a sandwich board and stand in the NS Mainstore… Seraphim suddenly thought about Luna’s ‘Terabit’, a holographic cube that NS Gynoids can wear above their heads, if they choose, with simple phrases on them, after a bit of experimentation, the girls discovered that Luna could put Seraphims gallery sign in her Terabit, and it looked fabulous. The friends were delighted they had come up with this way to subvert the limitation placed on Seraphim by the Eisa hierarchy. Luna went down to the Mainstore to test it…


… and within seconds, she had attracted a visitor, or perhaps it was her naked breasts… Seri had to log off, then, but things are looking exciting for her in Eisa.


3 thoughts on “Eisa Gallery Setup

  1. Strange, but when I arrived in this region to personally familiarize myself with the gallery’s exposition, I didn’t find it there, and there was little left of the region itself.


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