Broken-Hearted Avatar

When Seraphim first started this blog, seventeen months ago, it was called ‘Broken-Hearted Avatar’, because she started it as therapy for a broken heart. The therapy worked, and she changed the name to ‘Kind-Hearted Avatar’, as a nod to her recovery, but also to the fact she had a big, soft, easily-damaged heart. The relationship that caused her broken heart only lasted a few, intense, weeks. Nine months ago, Seraphim met, and fell instantly in love with, the sweetest little Neko she has ever met…


… it was love-at-first-sight for them both, Seraphim and Zoey Zoe Zoe…


… in the nine months since then, they never fought, or even argued…


… they had many adventures together…


… and Seraphim loved being with her shy little love…


… who, one day, took on a more human appearance, which Seraphim absolutely adored…


… Seraphim built them a little house, and the two spent a lot of time there…


… Seraphim loved the way Zoey dressed, and loved being seen with her sweet, clever, funny little love…


Two weeks ago, Zoey totally vanished from SL, without a single word of warning. This is absolutely not like her. Seraphim knows that Zoey’s human has serious medical issues, and fears that Zoey’s human may have died. Seraphim is absolutely shattered by this… she has no way of finding out what has happened, so can only surmise, and what she surmises is heart-rending. She may never see her little love again, and will never know why. Her heart is shattered, and she wonders if she even wants to stay in SL, anymore… the only thing keeping her here, now, is the hope that there is some explanation for Zoey’s sudden disappearance, and that she will, just as suddenly, reappear.

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