Happy News About Hangars Liquides


Yesterday, Seraphim received an update from Djehan Kidd, the creator of Hangars Liquides, that the Indiegogo campaign, set up to raise the money to pay LL labs so they won’t delete it from their servers, has reached 57%, thus allowing Hangars Liquides to pay a 3000 Euro payment, forestalling that deletion for the time being…


… Seraphim is delighted that this fabulous place isn’t going to vanish any time soon, the loss of it would leave only a few equally unique, stunning works of environmental genius in SL, especially on this scale…


… Seraphim zapped over, today, to inhale the industrial smells, and listen to the cyberpunk ambience…


… she is proud of herself for making what was, for her, a fairly significant donation, one she thought about for several days, in the end deciding she had to put her money where her heart was… she would never have forgiven herself if she’d sat by, hoping other, wealthier people, would save one of her favourite places in SL…


… standing here, today, she’s very pleased she didn’t do nothing.


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