As much as Seraphim loves Hangars Liquides, she probably loves Tokyo-WindHill City/Reiri-Town/Mopire City more…


… the whole place must be at least the size of Hangars Liquides, but it’s far more open… of course, there’s hardly any comparison, other than that they are both works of stunning quality…


… when Seraphim first started coming here, she never used to see anyone else, but lately, she usually sees at least a few people. This time, she saw several, including this couple and their dogs, relaxing by the shore…


… Seraphim played her camera drone lovingly over the luscious curves of the woman…


… before moving on. As always, she found new places… she discovered that this forest area is an impassable illusion, just like the unattainable distant city across the water, so she now knows where one corner of this whole world is…


… she made her way back onto a familiar path…


… and then, once more, found somewhere she’d never been before…


… which led her to another familiar area… this whole collection of sims is all no-fly… to get onto the overpasses, you have to find the on-ramps, which are in Mopire City… or… as Seri has done in the past, you can rez a flying vehicle, which will stay rezzed as long as you stay in it. Seeing the place from the sky is equally as impressive as seeing it from the ground…


… Seraphim knows she will come here many more times… she’s thinking she might take her flying truck for a spin, next time.


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