Seraphim doesn’t have many ‘friends’, she seldom accepts ‘friend’ requests… she believes a ‘friend’ is someone who actually thinks about you, and who contacts you occasionally… who actually wants to talk to you and, even more rarely, hang out with you… if she accepts your ‘friend’ request, then you never talk to her, unless she contacts you, first, after a few months, she’ll ‘unfriend’ you, because you were never her friend, were you…


… her three closest friends are Zoey, Luna, and Pandume… these three are the friends who she actually hung out with, who actually shared stuff with her, went places with her… there was a time when the four of them were always together. Unfortunately, unlike Seraphim, who is very much a creature of disciplined routine, her friends are not, and they are often absent from SL for long periods of time, Luna and Pandume in particular. Pandume has a castle, just down the road from Seraphim, and, although Pandume has been absent from SL for months, as she does, Seraphim regularly visits her castle, just to make sure it’s still there… today, she had, literally, just walked in, when Pandume logged on!…


… Seri was delighted to see her lovely, succubus friend, again…


… Seri told Pandume how much the neighbourhood had changed, since she was last here, and about how she’d been coming here, regularly, all the time Pandume was gone, just to make sure it was still here, and to just be here, because she loves Pandume’s place…


… it was so nice seeing her, again, and so trippy that she’d appeared, just as Seri walked in (:


5 thoughts on “Pandume

    1. It was REALLY nice, Sadie… it had gotten to the stage that, each time I checked her place, I more and more expected it to be gone, and to never see her, again… it was doubly delightful to not only find her place still there, complete with a nooby squatter, who, apparently had been squatting there for weeks, but for Pandume to pick that precise moment to reappear (:

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