Seraphim returned to floor 31, this evening, and added two of her super-cute D-LAB hedgehogs, she really loves these little guys, and feels they are perfect for this space…


… there are already six more floors above Seri’s floor…


… all of them filled with wonderful scenes…


… the girl from the floor below Seraphim seems to have finished her little scene…


… and it’s really beautiful. Seraphim can’t figure out why that girl has set her balcony, part of which is Seraphim’s landing, to ‘phantom’, making it impossible for anyone to stand outside Seri’s door, but hopes to resolve the issue, despite the language barrier… to which end she has enlisted the help of Magnum Yoshikawa, the ‘Head Carpenter’ of Kowloon. Despite this small, odd problem, Seraphim thinks that ‘Cuneiform Girl’ is very talented, and has created one of the better scenes in this installation. The floor below Cuneiform Girl’s floor has, probably, Seraphim’s favourite setup, so far…


… it’s wonderfully spartan, contains just a wall switch, a fluorescent light, a table and chair, and this absolutely gorgeous little model kit…


… Seraphim marvels at the delicate beauty of this scale model Honda, 1960’s racing bike. As the prim allotment for these displays is only 20, this creation must be, given all the other items in the room, 15 at the most… which is astonishing. Back in the day, not only would something this delicate have been all but impossible in SL, it would have been hundreds of prims…


… Seraphim loves everything about this display, it’s simplicity, it’s zen-like representation of an almost monastic focus on a hobby, the wonder of the model being made in SL, and the sheer beauty of this old machine, which is basically a frighteningly over-powered bicycle! Unfortunately, if you click on anyone else’s objects in these displays, you only see the details for the entire unit and everything in it, in other words, you get no specifics, so Seri has no idea who makes these beautiful model kits in SL… she’s tried searching MP for this model, but had no luck. She would LOVE one of these on one of her shelves, at home!


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