There are now 13 more floors above Seraphims in the 100 floors project…


… Seri is delighted to be able, once again, to stand on her own balcony. The phantom balcony thing between her and the girl from the floor below, Ututu Davi, has been sorted. Seri isn’t sure if it’s because of the graphics she sent Ututu, depicting the fact the balcony was phantom, or if it was from enlisting Kowloon management to talk to her but, despite the language barrier, things got sorted. Ututu sent her an IM, in English, apologising, and thanking Seraphim for ‘teaching’ her. This delighted Seri… She could not have done the same for Ututu in Ututu’s language, so was impressed Ututu had made the effort…


… Ututu has made some tweaks to her floor…


…Seri loves this installation, even more than the one below…


… her two favourite floors are the two just below hers (:

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