Game Corner


Seraphim turned an empty corner of her apartment into a ‘Games Corner’…


… all assembled around these two, fabulous, Backbone arcade games…


… which she recently acquired whilst looking for something entirely different… as she does…


… this corner has been empty for years, other than the pictures and neon on the walls. Now Seri can enjoy playing ‘Ninja Kittens’ under the beautiful, violet gaze of her little, lost Evie…


… as well as the gorgeous, empty gaze of her Zombie Princess, S4nura, whom she also never sees, any more… just as well she took hundreds of pictures of those girls…


… Seri also purchased another, eared beanie… one can’t have too many adorable beanies with cat ears, they remind her of the biggest missing presence in her life, Zoey, whom she also expects never to see again…


… if Seraphim had a middle name, it could very well be ‘eclectic’, because she is nothing, if not that, in her style/taste…


… she’s very happy with this eclectic little corner of cosyness and fun.

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