The Worst Lag


Seraphim has found no really photo-worthy destinations to visit, recently. She’s gone to several she would not normally have visited, because they looked better than having nowhere to go, but has not found any with more than one or two decent scenes. She decided to go back to Tralala’s Diner, again, in hopes the horrific lag she has always encountered there, might have lessened…


… on arrival, she saw that there was a new landing area…


… a beautifully textured little gazebo, with a piano…


… the lag, however, was instantly so horrendous, she couldn’t even turn from one side of the room, to look at the other, without it becoming a major exercise in guessing how many times to click the arrow key, without the end result being facing where she started from… it took multiple efforts just to get out the door, having to get exactly lined up with it, then even getting out it, while it was open, before it closed in her face, due to the lag. Taking the picture she wanted was also nearly impossible, because the lag effected her camera, too… she gave up just after she actually managed to get out the door. Tralala is a beautiful place, a photographers dream, but it is also THE most laggy sim Seraphim has ever visited, which just destroys any enjoyment in visiting it, sadly.

2 thoughts on “The Worst Lag

    1. Thanks, Veyot, I’ve been there, and it’s nice… pretty sure I blogged about it, but can’t remember what I called the post, so can’t direct you to it. The problem with Tralala isn’t so much the rezzing, as the lag… even when everything has rezzed, it’s still basically impossible to move, there. Give it a try, you’ll see what I mean (:


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