New Project


Seraphim doesn’t know about the rest of you, but, recently, the lag across ALL of SL, has been HORRENDOUS… she has decided to stay at home, and potter with a new ‘still life’ project. For this project, she’s going to outfit this amazing house she got for FREE from Trompe Loeil


… not only did she get a free house, but she got this free lounge suite there, too… these things are no longer for sale, for nothing, there, but there are another house (an A-frame), and furniture, there, for free. Seraphim has no words for how fucking wonderful she finds it, that this creator is GIVING this amazing stuff away… and, it’s not just nasty rubbish, like so much free stuff in SL is, it’s very high quality, beautiful stuff!…


… Miss Panny (Pandume), as Zoey used to call her, before Zoey vanished from Seraphim’s life, came over, to see what Seri was up to… her cute, winged-demon self was Seri’s first visitor to her new project.


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