New Project; Day 2


Seraphim’s human’s country, an island nation of 5 million people, went into total lockdown, 3 days ago, for at least 4 weeks, due to the covid-19 virus… the human must stay home, unless going to the supermarket, or walking/biking for exercise. Seraphim finds herself in a strangely parallel situation, only, it’s not a virus causing her to self-isolate, it’s the appalling lag in SL, making going anywhere a miserable experience. Seraphim’s human has told her it’s not just SL, everything on the net seems to be running slower, no doubt due to the millions and millions of people, worldwide, under lockdown, and turning to the net for amusement, distraction and, of course, for those lucky enough to have the option, work…


… it’s the beginning of Autumn in the human’s country, the human is snuggled up inside, being creative, while outside, the temperature is dropping, it’s dark, windy, and raining… likewise, Seri is cosy in front of the fire in her amazing, free house, enjoying placing some of her gorgeous stuff, to create a cosy, new world in her own back yard (:

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