Hanging with Pandume


Seraphim and Pandume were hanging out at each others places, today, when Seri suddenly remembered it was the deadline for collecting her stuff from her unit in the ‘100 Levels’ project, in Kowloon… still dressed in her redecorating clothes, Seri asked Pandume if she wanted to come, too. Pandume did, so they zapped over to the unit, and Seraphim took everything back, leaving her beautiful landscape painting for last. ‘Isn’t this amazing?’ she asked Pandume… ‘Yes, it’s pretty’ replied Pandume…


… this wasn’t quite the answer Seraphim had expected, and she smilingly asked her friend ‘You aren’t really into art, are you, sweetheart?’ Pandume admitted she wasn’t really all that into it, no… and got a bit of a lecture from Seraphim the passionate artist about how MOST people she met weren’t into art, either, but it was ok, she was used to it. Seraphim then said ‘But, how about them RedSox, eh!?’ and Pandume replied ‘Go sports team! Score all the goal units!’ and the two fell about laughing. Seraphim asked Pandume if she’d been to Kowloon, before, and Pandume said she hadn’t…


… something Seri knew had to instantly be remedied! Pandume was suitably impressed, and the two friends wandered off to explore…


… loitering in seedy places…


… and dark alleyways…


… and they both found cool, ridiculously cheap stuff to buy in this strange, beautiful slice of Asian weirdness that is the wonderful, seamy world of Kowloon.


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