Beautiful Creatures

I just adore the ability Midjourney gives me to literally mass-produce beautiful imagery…

… I don’t think a beginner could produce the consistent level of beauty that I am now producing because, believe me, Midjourney can produce some appalling garbage if you give it the wrong prompts, but I think that most beginners who are persistent, and perhaps as obsessive as I am, wouldn’t take too long to be doing what I am doing…

… I develop my themes, then I experiment with them. I’ve found Midjourney seems to remember my themes, and generally produces the type of imagery I’m going for, but I’ve also found that adding a single new prompt, or a new image for texture, in an attempt to fine-tune my results, can totally stuff up what I had going, and then it seems to lock onto the stuffed-up template, and I literally have to create new ones using the old template, so it can get it’s bearings again…

… on the other hand, Midjourney has often added amazing details I never asked it to add, which I’ve really loved, like with all these Celestial Fae; I’ve never once asked it to add wings!…

… and I loved the fact that it often put them on their heads, which led me to the explanation that Celestial Fae don’t really have ‘wings’, but cosmic energy that humans ‘see’ as wings. So, really, Midjourney prompted me with aspects of these images (:

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