So, for the last several days, my experience with Midjourney has been pretty frustrating. Midjourney totally sucks at drawing hands, I’ve read, and understand, why this is, but it still makes me never ask it to include hands, I always go for head/shoulders portraits, at the most, head-to-hips. I’ve also read theories that seem correct, that if enough people are concentrating on a certain aspect of Midjourney creation, that aspect begins to appear in everyone else’s work… I suspect this is happening with hands… suddenly, though I never ask, and always exclude any iteration with hands, Midjourney is putting it’s grotesque ‘hands’ in 3 out of four of my iterations (slight exaggeration, but close…) totally ruining otherwise beautiful images. Another irksome Midjourney trait is to put ugly, un-asked-for wiggles and squiggles on faces, another thing it’s been doing more of, lately.

So, imagine my delight, last night, when I decided to try for really clean, stunning beauty, without ugly marks and repulsive hands… and Midjourney complied!…

… I asked it for ‘beautiful east asian, epicanthic eyes, long black hair’… and it started rolling out images like this. These are the purest, most unadulterated beauties I have ever been able to get it to produce. I deliberately got it to start giving them blue eyes, because they are so much more stunning…

… I have had to tweak each of these in Photoshop, but they are as near-perfect as anything I’ve so far been able to produce, and I deliberately left their gorgeous, alien pupils, because, well, why wouldn’t I?…

… so, once again, perseverance has payed off in my Midjourney journey (:

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