Noir Bar


Seraphim, Am3thyst, and Kyan1te spent time, last evening, playing in Hangars Liquides, a fabulous, Bladerunner-esqe sim, full of dark, dystopian sci-fi grittiness… they had a lot of fun, and no problems, acting out the roles of a sci-fi noir threesome…


… no problem with these roles… because those are now the reality of their lives…


… Seraphim’s life has never been so rich and complex…


… to her unending delight, she now finds herself in a relationship with sweet little Kyan1te, the Scout unit who has been programmed as a submissive sex toy…


… and Am3thyst, who is actually the android form of Kyan1te’s mother, Megan, who is a shape-shifting Neko techno-sorceress…


… Seraphim’s mind feels like anything might happen next… and it does not scare her in the slightest. This lonely, reclusive alien, has now found a loving family… a very strange family, to be sure, but, then, Seraphim is hardly ‘ordinary’, herself.

Running Kyan1te


Last evening, Seraphim had the total pleasure of seeing her best friend, Kyan1te, running on a display stand outside the NS main-store…


… Kyan1te started off at a slow lope…


… gradually picking up speed…


… till her lithe little Scouts body was bounding effortlessly along, taking beautiful, powerful strides, at a speed and constancy no human could have matched…


… her servos barely making a sound… the most perfect advertisement of NS genius Seraphim has ever witnessed.

Through the Looking Glass


Seraphim has had an insanely non-stop day. It was topped off with the promised photoshoot of little Kyan1te, and one of her mothers, Megan. Seraphim took 900 photos. This is the first of the few she chose as best. This was the two lovely creatures warming up for the shoot, sort of being silly. The pose is very apt, though, because this is Kyan1te’s relationship to her mother, she is her mothers doting, submissive daughter, and cannot do anything without her mothers consent… which is all Kyan1te wants, because that’s her programming.


This is Seraphim at the end of today.

Slightly Demonic


Seraphim spent part of last evening hanging with Kyan1te, her mother (one of her mothers), Megan, and z0z0 at z0zo’s place. It has been a few weeks since Seraphim has actually spent any physical time with z0zo, z0zo having been pre-occupied with a recent conquest. So, Seraphim was a little surprised to notice that z0zo was looking…


… slightly demonic. Z0zo has changed her horns to up-curving ones…


… and, as a result of her playing with her most recent favourite toy, is wearing a bondage collar. These slight changes have amplified her already slightly demonic visage, to make her look, well, actually demonic.

Scout Unit


Seraphim has just had the pleasure of having a delightful little Scout unit named kyan1te in her studio. Kyan1te is the first Scout unit Seraphim has met…


… even though Scout units are military-grade units, they are not battle droids, and this one, kyan1te, was charming and sweet. Seraphim was introduced to kyan1te, and her mother, Megan Kokeilu, by z0zo. Seraphim and z0zo’s relationship has become civil and generally amiable, which is far better than volatile and mutually painful.


Megan Kokeilu has agreed to Seraphims request to do a mother/daughter shoot, next. This has made Seraphim quite happy.